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MTG Manager has reached over half a million card scans!

This is huge milestone 🙂

Thanks for using our app, we are glad you enjoy it and we’re always happy to hear any suggestions and feedback you may have to improve MTG Manager – let us know your thoughts!


Hi everyone!

We’ve just released the version 4.2 where we added:

+ Added App Multi-Lang in:

* German

* Chinese-Simplified

* Japanese

* Spanish

* Portuguese


+ You can change your App or/and Cards Language preference in the Settings

+ Bug Fixes

+ And More


We always welcome your feedback and suggestions! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on this new version 🙂



Fellow Magic Players, after the BIG update last week we now released the version 4.1 where we added:

+ Multi-Lang for Aether Revolt

+ Fixed Scan for Promo Cards

+ And More!


As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions! 🙂



Hi everyone, right now we launched a BIG new release – version 4 is out!!

Now with Aether Revolt, with multi-language on cards and you will get HD images too!

There is also a new inventory system with sort, grid view and much more. Force touch is now implemented in a lot of views (and more to come).

As always if you have any feedback or feature request, don’t hesitate to tell us.


Hey everyone!

Our Christmas giveaway is almost up: 2 more days left to keep all cards you want on MTG Manager FOR FREE.

You only need to click on the link below and get involved – it’s so easy, don’t miss out!

If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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We’d like to share a review of someone who uses MTG Manager and has recently upgraded his service: “worth every dime”. Thank you for your reviews and suggestions of improvement – we always welcome your feedback!

MTG Manager Review

MTG Manager Version 3.1 is here! We’ve now added a couple new features into the app: Commander 2016 for free and Force Touch in app icon. Download the app now and let us know your thoughts on it – we always welcome your feedback! 🙂 MTG Manager

Web Summit 2016 has eneded! We were very proud to be one of the featured startup of the Web Summit Lisbon 2016 where we had the chance to showcasethe the app MTG Manager and demonstrate all of its capabilities. Once more we’re very glad to have participated and we are also very grateful to everyone, for your interest, your visits and feedback at Web Summit 2016!


MTG Manager is participating on the RALI, the Augmented Reality event in Lisbon, taking place at FIL, since Thursday and we’ll be here until Sunday. Swing by and come see us! We’ll be doing lots of MTG Manager demos and you can learn all about the app with the founder himself, Tiago Pereira.

We heard your feedback! In the new 3.0 verison of MTG Manager we’ve changed the subscription to in-app.
Download MTG Manager and let us know what you think about this new version!