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Get your hands on the best scanner on the market!


Want to check the price of a Card? The fastest way is with MTG Manager!


A new Update is here !!
Check out our new release (2.9) with:
+ Bulk Scan in Inventory
+ Conspiracy: Take the Crown
+ From The Vault: Lore

We just released a new Update!! Version 2.7 of the app is out with fresh new stuff:
*NEW: Decks Section
— Export as TXT or Tournament Sheet
— Graph Statistics
*Fixed some minor Bugs
(If you want to see more stuff don’t forget to send us your Feature Requests by email, facebook or reddit)

Magic Players, Eternal Masters is out and so a new version (2.5) of the app has been released.
Good scanning, everyone! 🙂

A new update as been released, Version 2.4 is out with Trading Feature.
Create two lists side by side and check if the trade is fair 🙂

We will be attending the launch of IT People Innovation’s Tandem Incubator on May 6th, during Lisbon’s Entrepreneur Week. Tiago Pereira, the lead developer of MTG Manager, will share his insights regarding MTG Manager’s incubating process and how is is helping MTG users worldwide.