First of all, before we explain how the app works, let start by answering this question – what is MTG Manager ?

It is an iOS App (soon on Android too) which evolved from our initial release of the MTG Augmented Reader app. That first release enabled the user to use its smartphone camera and “Scan” any Magic: The Gathering card, i.e. point the camera to a card and, in a glance, detect it and provide the user with important information of any MTG card. The card could be on any language and it would translate it into English, therefore helping anyone struggling with card translations. It would also show prices of each card, which is fundamental for trading. This initial release also helped us gather and understand the feedback to our users:

  • They understand and told us that we had one of the best, if not the best, MTG Engine Scanner and wanted more of it.
  • And since then we committed to create the best Business Intelligence MTG Service.

So, with this in mind, on April 1st 2016 (no pun intended) we committed ourselves to create the best MTG Service and released our initial Phase of our BIG project, MTG Manager.

MTG Manager enables you to store all your MTG Cards, access them with just a few clicks, anywhere ( no internet required ) anytime ( well, while you have battery 🙂 although we made the app the most energy efficient as we could ). We wish you to know what is happening to your MTG Cards and never again lose track of them. All of this is supported by our MTG Augmented Reality Scanner, Next Reality, which eases this process in a way that the hard work involved in manually creating a card inventory is quickly replaced by MTG Manager. And again the app continues to be used as one of the most successful ways on fair mtg card trading.

User Cases

Well, you heard us tell you how great the Engine we developed is. But is it really? Check the following videos we made and make your own mind about it.


Card Scan with RIDICULOUS
“noise” in the background!

Card Scan with lot of
“noise” in the background!

Pick the Cards with your
hand and scan them!


How to save a Card

The main process is quite simple, and without any delay, here is the crunch:

  • First time you open the app, you’ll see the dashboard. Open the Menu on the top left.
  • Select the Inventory section.
  • Create a Folder and name it.
  • Add a Card.
  • Select the specific card settings and Save.

After this, you’ll find yourself on the Scan Card again – you now can scan a new card  or go back and see the list of registered/collected/scanned Cards.

Here is a video of this process:


Also now you can search and add Cards by Text. This is a Feature requested by the users and we delivered it.
Our focus was on using the Engine Scanner on everything but sometimes the user wanted to search or add a card that they didn’t have at hand.

Well and here is a video to explain who to do it:


Export Functionality

Now that you scanned you cards and created your inventory, you’re able to do what you want with it. If you want to continue to use our app to manage it, we will do our best to bring you the best features we can – but if you want to have them managed in your computer or anywhere else, well, they are are your cards, its your choice. You can export the lists you create.

To show you how, we created this example, where we save a list to Dropbox and it is simple as this:

One more thing, Offline Prices

You are at an MTG event and don’t have internet on your device? Been there, done that and now we got you covered – let me explain:

Since the engine can be used offline i.e. there is no need to use an internet connection for anything related to the scanning process, while on our previous version, you needed internet to access prices of the cards.

Check how easy is it do download the prices.